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6 Responses to Disclaimer!

  1. SWL says:


    Saw your post on the OG and followed it here.
    Have a few uncles in Edmonton and may be visiting them sometime over this season.
    Which is the best place to watch the AFC?



  2. Barriecuda says:

    Thanks for stopping by Nick,

    Although I watch most of the games at home myself, one of the most popular spots for football are the “Elephant and Castle” pubs. There are two in the city, one downtown, and one on the southside (on Whyte Ave). They are often filled with English and Irishmen giving it a good atmosphere and they open in time for even the earlier fixtures (ie 9am).

    Probably more United and Scouser fans there but definitely one of the go-to spots for football in general.

  3. Nick says:

    Cheers, looks like I’ll be there in July/August though so don’t know if I’ll resort to ATVO preseason coverage…

  4. Gooner_for_life says:

    Is there any cafes in (or near) Toronto?

    • Barriecuda says:

      Not sure about cafes, but the official Toronto place for supporters is “Fox on Yonge” (Fox and Fiddle, on Yonge St.). See our article “Arsenal in Canada” on the site. Also, there are no official Premier League stores that I am aware of.

  5. Gooner_for_life says:

    And there is no English premier league stores?

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