Watching Arsenal in Canada

Watching Arsenal games in Canada takes a bit of work and commitment. Due to licensing issues where-and-how to watch the Arsenal can often change. Here’s a primer, updated last on Aug 25 2014.

If you haven’t yet, bookmark:
These guys are fantastic, offering an accessible list of both live and replay games and country-specific listings of who will be showing the game. They also have an option to “hide scores” so that you can browse the site the day-of a match without spoiling the result. Excellent site. (No affiliation with ours.) Note that the only Canadian source they don’t mention is exclusive broadcasts – that list is here.

The following is where Arsenal games may be found in Canada:
TV: TSN/RDS, TSN2/RDS2, Sportsnet World, Sportsnet 360, Sportsnet Regional (West, Ontario, Pacific, etc), Sportsnet ONE, TSN3, TSN4, TSN5
Internet:, TSNGo (app) Sportsnet World Online
Radio: TalkSportLIVE, Arsenal Player

There are two types of broadcasts, “Live” and “Replays”. Because many games kick-off at the same time in Europe, the big games tend to get broadcast priority. Most Arsenal matches are available live, though you’ll occasionally have to make due with a replay or online-only coverage – particularly for games against “smaller” opposition.

Which competition is shown where?
Premier League: TSN (1-5, Go), Sportsnet (regional, ONE or World); TalkSportLIVE (radio), Arsenal Player (radio)
UEFA Champions League: Sportsnet (various); Arsenal Player (radio)
FA Cup: Sportsnet World/Online, typically; TalkSportLIVE (radio), Arsenal Player (radio)
Capital One Cup: Sportsnet World/Online, if at all; TalkSportLIVE (radio), Arsenal Player (radio).

Because the FA Cup and Capital One Cup are smaller competitions, the games don’t get frequently get televised in Canada – particularly the early rounds.

How much does it cost?
It really depends on your market. Check your local service providers. Sportsnet World is a premium channel which costs about $18/month in most places – it is probably the best individual channel for football coverage. Sportsnet World Online offers another excellent option for about the same price. Rogers subscribers can get both World and World Online for the price of one; in other markets or with other providers, you currently have to pay separately – a huge shame. Don’t be afraid to pressure your service provider to carry the necessary channels!

TalkSportLIVE is free and offers a great service. Arsenal Player has recently moved to free Matchday commentary and just requires a Digital Membership available through the official site.

What about NBC’s exclusive coverage? What about BT Sport acquiring Champions League rights?
NBC’s exclusive coverage is for the USA. BT Sport has recently acquired the exclusive fights to the Champions League, which is currently covered by Rogers (Sportsnet) in Canada. It remains to be seen how this might affect CL coverage here.

What’s the latest developments?
TSN now has five channels to extend its broadcasting powers, as of Aug 29 2014. This should ensure easier access to games broadcast by TSN. However, the Champions League, FA Cup and Capital One Cup games all continue to be exclusively provided by Rogers networks (i.e. Sportsnet) in the 14-15 season.

Where can I go to watch the game?
Find a local pub with one of the above, or better yet, find a Supporters Group to watch the games with!

I heard I can watch it online for free…
Our site doesn’t condone illegal streaming and is not able to provide links to “unofficial” broadcasts. Be wary of streaming online as many of these sites are known to be vulnerable to exploits and could put your computer or other device at risk. Reddit has a few subforums dedicated to these avenues, I’ve heard. Because the North American soccer market is growing exponentially, needing to resort to these types of sites and streams should be increasingly unnecessary as time goes on.


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