1970-71: Arsenal’s First ‘Double’

The season starting in 1970 and ending in 1971 was a historic one for Arsenal. Playing in the Football League First Division – equivalent to today’s “Premier League” – Arsenal mathematically secured the domestic league title with a win at the home of hated rivals Tottenham. To capture the trophy on the ground of their arch-enemy was one sweet joy for Gunners fans of the early 70s, but the best was yet to come.

One week later, on May 8 1971, Arsenal played in the FA Cup final against powerhouse Liverpool. Donning their classic yellow-and-blue, the 71 team found victory through an extra-time winner by Charlie George… who’s subsequent celebration went on to become one of Arsenal’s most iconic images.

Arsenal became the first team since Tottenham in 1961 to win the “Double”. A terrible season for Sp*rs fans; a glorious one for the Arsenal.

Notable era players: Frank McClintock (C), George Graham, Charlie George.
Manager: Bertie Mee.


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