1913-2006: Highbury


Formally known as Arsenal Stadium, the ground that came to be known to as “Highbury” was home to Arsenal from 6 September 1913 until June 2006.

Highbury had several hallmarks that helped set it apart from other First Division stadia:

North Bank: A standing-only section for the most passionate (or rowdy) Arsenal supporters, it was the site of many battles throughout the uglier years of British hooliganism. The North Bank could always be counted on to lift the team and provided some of the most vociferous support at home matches – particularly in song. Over 1991-1992 it was demolished and re-built as an all-seated section in light of the tragedy at Hillborough; yet even then it continued to be a bastion for partisan Arsenal fans.

Clock End: Originally the south end, the black-and-white clock that sat above led to the stand gaining its appropriate moniker. Being such an important symbol of the team’s home, the original clock was moved to outside the Emirates before Highbury was demolished; a new clock, in the same style as the original, was also added above the Emirates’ own “Clock End” in August 2010.

West Stand & East Stand: Perhaps the best known imagery of Highbury was provided by the Art Deco stands on the west and east of the stadium. Built in the 1930s, these stands added to the aesthetic grandeur of Highbury while also providing new space for offices and player facilities. The East Stand was not demolished after 2006 and now provides the facade for Highbury Square – the apartment complex built on the site of the original stadium in its image.

The club’s official website has put together a fantastic look at the history of Highbury, so if you’re interested in learning more check out Arsenal Stadium Highbury and The Arsenal Clock, or see what Arsenal Stadium has become as Highbury Square.


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