Patrick Vieira

Literally “central” to Arsenal’s successes during his time with the club, Vieira was a dominant midfielder who was signed for a paltry 3.5m pounds in 1996 and stayed with the club until 2005, when he departed for Juventus. In his (nearly) nine years with the club, Patrick was instrumental in winning 3 Premier League titles, 4 FA Cups, and 4 Community Shields while being the club’s captain from 2002 onwards.

Known for his physical presence, leadership, and the occasional cracking goal, the 6-foot 4-inch French international commanded a midfield that was as technically gifted as it was tenacious. His legendary battles in the 2000s with then Manchester United captain Roy Keane symbolized the fierce nature of the rivalry between both the two clubs (and their managers) as they battled closely each year for the Premier League title.

The iconic Vieira will always be part of Arsenal, as he is one of the 32 legends featured on the mural of the Emirates Stadium. However, following his playing career he went on to work with Manchester City in an executive capacity.


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