Dennis Bergkamp

The fact that some Arsenal fans refer to Dennis’ time with the club as “When God Walked the Turf” should make it obvious how adored the Dutchman is.

Bergkamp was purchased from Inter Milan in June 1995 for a fee of £7.5 million by manager Bruce Rioch, whose one-year-stint as manager has since been remembered for his signing of the magical striker. Arsenal’s classy #10 would play out the rest of his career with the club, culminating in his final appearance in his testimonial match: taking place on the opening day of the new Emirates Stadium.

The arrival of Dennis Bergkamp coincided with a return-to-form for Arsenal, who had been declining during the early 90s. He helped the club to lift the Premier League trophy in 98, 2002, and as an Invincible in 2004; he also won four FA Cups and three Community Shields.

In 316 games, Dennis had 87 goals. However, many of these were of the highest possible order, including one that was voted #1 in’s “Greatest 50 Goals” in club history – flicking an incoming pass around the last Newcastle defender whilst spinning around him on his other side, Dennis showed his other-worldly creativity as he returned onto the ball and easily slotted home in the bottom corner. Of that same list, Dennis holds five other spots, a clear sign why is he remembered so fondly by Arsenal supporters.


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