Beginner’s Guide to Arsenal

Looking to learn a little (more) about Arsenal Football Club? This section offers notes on the most famous personnel and moments of the storied club, as well as a little information on how information is presented on the site. It’s a great resource for younger supporters or those new to supporting the club.

We know this information is available on Wikipedia, and other fine sites. We’ve cut it down to the fine details to make it beginner-friendly and easily readable.

Legends of Arsenal (the ‘must knows’!)
These are some of the most significant figures in the history of the Arsenal. While there are so many great players and stories surrounding the club, I consider these individuals – based on the input of many others – the most widely known and recognized.

Arsenal Memories (more ‘must knows’!)
These are a small selection of highly dramatic and exciting events that the Arsenal team has experienced over the years.

Arsenal Fashion FAQs
Frequently asked questions about the club’s “look and feel”, including tips on buying and caring for products.

Shopping for Arsenal in Canada
Recommended sites for getting official Arsenal products. If you need a recommendation on where to buy something for yourself or another, look here.

Watching Arsenal in Canada
Tips on where the Arsenal games can be watched or listened to (legally!)


Check back for more soon!


4 Responses to Beginner’s Guide to Arsenal

  1. Matthew Clark says:


    Looking to see if there is a place to watch gunners games in Edmonton. Been a fan for 18 years, originally from Australia, finding it hard to pick up games.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.



    • Barriecuda says:

      Hey Matt, a lot of people find the Elephant and Castle Pub one of the best places to catch English football; Premiership, FA Cup, Carling Cup, Champions League, etc. It’s located on Whyte Ave and 103 St. Check out their website here.

      For a rough idea of when the Gunners are going to be on locally, and on what channel(s), check out It’s a handy site that tells you when all the games are on, and you can change it to display listings in Mountain Standard Time.

      Our next game is the FA Cup game against Leyton Orient, broadcast on Setanta Sports Canada (ch. 154 on Shaw) at 9:30am MST.

      Also, the channels that broadcast Arsenal games in Canada are TSN (rarely), TSN2, Sportsnet’s various regional channels, SportsnetONE, and Setanta Sports Canada. GolTV sometimes shows our pre-season games. Almost all sports bars will have these channels, except Setanta, which only a few places have. Sawmill Lounge (various locations throughout city) typically broadcasts Setanta as well.

      Hope this all helps!

  2. Nice website! Found it as a link on A Cultured Left Foot. If you’re in Montreal, you can catch the Arsenal at Champs Bar located at 3956 boulevard Saint-Laurent. We are represented well there. For big games like ManUtd or Liverpool, it’s best to get there early.

    My suggestion would be to include some common football terms in the Beginner’s Guide. “Centre half” can be confusing to the uninitiated. And the offside rule is confusing to everybody.

    I would be interested in collaborating on your site. Feel free to contact me.

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