Who We Are

CanadianGunners is a collaboration of select Canadian Arsenal fans who wish to bring you their opinions, insights, rants and reports. We primarily cover Arsenal FC but have a secondary focus on the Canadian Men’s and Women’s National Teams (CanMNT & CanWNT).

Our Mission

1. To be a blog by Canadians that stands up on its own to other UK- and internationally-based blogs, known for high quality writing and poignant insight.

2. To be a resource for Canadian Arsenal fans to see locally-based opinions expressed, with a view to helping them become more involved with the team and its community.

3. To promote the growth of football fandom, discussion, and culture in Canada as a whole.

Our Contributors

barriecuda-120Barriecuda (Alberta) – Owner & Author
“I’m the creator of CanadianGunners, currently residing in Edmonton, Alberta. As an avid Gunners fan my intention is to help grow the community of Arsenal faithful both locally and abroad. One of my greatest aspirations is to represent North American football/soccer fans as passionate, respectful and intelligent.”

ArseMagica (Quebec) – Author
“I’m a contributor to CanadianGunners and a web geek in Montreal, QC. I’m a Gooner for life and hope that one day I may visit the Emirates Stadium to watch Arsenal in action.  In the meantime, you’ll find me at Champs Bar on gameday.”

quinnboslice-120Quinnboslice (Ontario) – Author
“I’m a contributor to CanadianGunners and scholarly gentleman from Waterloo, Ontario. I tend not to take things too seriously, unless we’re talking about my no-nonsense pursuit of a replica Arsène Wenger sleeping bag coat. (Got a lead? Call me.) In the wise words of Andrei Arshavin: I am Gooner.”

Interested in writing for CanadianGunners? We are looking for Canadians (living in Canada or abroad) to contribute intelligent discourse regarding the team – positive or negative! Get in touch via Twitter to inquire, [at]CanadianGunners.