CanadianGunners Podcast : Montreal Edition

arsmagicaThe AMMO podcast was founded in 2012, and hosted by various members of the Facebook group of the same name.  AMMO, an acronym invented by Peter “Gooner on the Road” Anderson, stands for “Arsenal Montreal Members Organization”.  In Montreal, local Gooners meet at the Burgundy Lion pub to watch the games; so most of the podcast episodes are recorded there.  If you live in Montreal and would like to participate in the podcast, please contact me directly, or check out our Facebook page.

Formerly hosted by Podbean, the AMMO podcast is moving to Canadian  We hope this will be a mutually beneficial arrangement, as the AMMO podcast will be broadcast to a wider audience outside of Montreal, and conversely, the nearly 250 members of AMMO will check out the Canadian Gunners website.

In this episode, which is actually our 41st, Carsten recorded live from London at The Woodbine pub, straight after the North London derby (Sept 27, 2014).  He was joined by his friends Dave, Tom, and “Arsene Wenger”.  Running time: 25 minutes.


AMMO Facebook page

The Woodbine

Burgundy Lion


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