FA Cup in Canada: A Call to Arms

barriecuda-120Hello everyone! The Arsenal season is rapidly winding down with the club firmly in control of its own destiny regarding the 4th place ‘trophy’. All jokes aside, finishing in the Champions League places is very important and isn’t an achievement to be scoffed at, even if we should be expecting it at a minimum each season. Sp*rs, Everton and Manchester United will probably miss out on Champs’ football next season, which goes to show you how competitive it is getting to be in the top four in England.

But let’s talk about REAL trophies for a second. On Saturday May 17th Arsenal is playing in the FA Cup, kicking off at 5pm London time (GMT). This is a big game for all Gooners as the club is in a real position to end its trophy drought: the right players are returning to health and the team is in good form heading towards the match. We all don’t want a repeat of the Carling Cup final against Birmingham, but there’s a palpable sense of excitement as we head into the fixture as definite favorites. It’s also the last Arsenal game of the season, meaning we can finally pry ourselves away from the monitors and go outside to enjoy the 2.7 months of Canadian summer we get.

So, I think there’s no better time than May 17th for all Canadian Gunners to get out to their local pubs and meet other Arsenal fans! If you’re not a regular pub-goer for matches, get out and check out the local scene, meet some cool Gooners and hopefully share the celebrations with some new friends. There’s groups all across Canada with great membership and a set “headquarters”, but it’d also be an opportunity for you to get on social media and start your own Gooner following wherever you’re at.

With Edmonton finally joining the supporters group family as their project YEGooners develops, it’s time for more cities in the country to get a following going! Even if you’re only from a small town, get three of your local football fans together and start a ritual, even if it’s only for the “big” games. It’s a great time to be a Gooner and a great time to expand the #GoonerFamily.

I am aware of the following venues for May 17th’s FA Cup game:

Vancouver: The London Pub, 700 Main Street [Updated May 5th]
Calgary: Pig and Duke, 1312 12 Ave SW
Edmonton: Kelly’s Pub, 10156 104 Street NW [RSVP via Facebook]
Toronto: Fox & Fiddle, 1535 Yonge St
Montreal: Burgundy Lion, 2496 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest
Brantford, ON: Rocklings Pub, 75 Dalhousie Street

Note: I don’t speak for any of these groups personally!

If any of these are wrong, or you want to add a venue, get in touch via @CanadianGunners and I will amend. Get out there and show your support!

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