New Signing Unveiled & Canadian Updates!

barriecuda-120As we sit on the dawn (or evening) of the Premier League opening fixture against Aston Villa, the talking point is clearly that Arsenal has not spent a pound so far. But that doesn’t mean that Arsenal fans have been inactive! In particular, the Canadian Arsenal community has seen some awesome growth in the past few months with Arsenal Canada kicking off their 2013-14 membership campaign (join and you get an Arsenal Canada scarf!), a new supporters group getting together in Calgary, and some popular Arsenal supporters pubs cementing their backing for the next campaign (see our “Arsenal in Canada” page). Not to be outdone, CanadianGunners has dug through the youth ranks and the transfer market to bring in a new face for the coming season.

Quinnboslice has agreed to join Barriecuda and ArseMagica as a writer for CanadianGunners! He expressed his interest via Twitter and after perusing some of his quality work on his personal blog Canadian Cannon, the two of us agreed to bring him under the CG umbrella.


Star signing: Quinnboslice adds super quality to CanadianGunners!

I will let Quinn himself do the honours of introductions in his debut post but I will mention that I’m extremely excited to bring him in. He’s got a great sense of humor, some fantastic writing skills, and above all a passion for Arsenal that I consider core to the CanadianGunners identity. I’m sure all of you will enjoy his content – and I suspect it might add some more frequency and consistency to the posts here on CG.

So be on the lookout for his articles and get involved with the Canadian Arsenal community as we enter the 2013-2014 season. As they say back home in Calgary, yahoo!

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