We Haven’t Forgot About You!

It’s crazy times for the two current authors of CanadianGunners, and for that we must issue a brief apology! No, we haven’t forgot about you; Canada is still on the map, and Arsenal is doing well. Unfortunately “real-life” has taken both Ars’ and I away from CG posts in the past month or two, but don’t consider that a signal of the end for the site; in fact, we have much coming down the road.

A brief recap of the latest going-ons sees the Canadian Men’s National Team (CanMNT) performing well in their qualifiers, after a good (not great) win over the remainding Cubans who didn’t defect. Truthfully I didn’t think defections were still relevant in sports, but it appears that both I and the Cuban team learned otherwise. Despite an eventually comfortable 3-0 win, Canada was wasteful with a host of aerial chances and will have to do better if they want to make their first WC appearance since 1986. That being said, it’s one of the strongest Canadian teams in a while and I emplore all Canadians to really get behind this group and give them the encouragement they deserve.

Back on the other “home” front, Arsenal have been playing some good football with a great result against City, a close loss vs the Chavs and a well-deserved win over a gritty Fat Sam and Ham (or West Ham, whatever). I was particularly imprsesed with the latter one of these performances, as the team showed real spirit and didn’t cave in to some physical play from the Hammers. Cazorla’s goal was a peach, and prior to that Walcott had the collected finish he needs to display more often if he wants a shot at centre forward. He took his chance, he had a “super” sub performance, and might have warranted a return to the first team were it not for the cracking of his rib by a flying San Marino…an. San Marianite? Marmalade?

Well, whatever the term is, the keeper of the fledgling little nation clattered Theo pretty hard in the recent WC Qualifier and was the subject of some scrunity afterwards, along with the rest of his country’s team. Personally I think it’s a little bit ignorant to suggest as some pundits have that they have no place in world football; any sovereign nation has the right to be invited to play, regardless of talent or experience. Football is all about performing up to your relative ability, and frankly 5-0 is a decent scoreline against England when your team is made up of guys with day jobs. To sit there and say “this team isn’t worth the time, they shouldn’t be allowed to play” is elitist at best and entirely direspectful at worst.

Without losing myself to that tangent, I will say I sympathize with the keeper on the play; uncoordinated and probably a little overexcited by being watched by an unprecedented 80,000+ spectators, he just made a bad play and his concern for Theo looked legitimate as soon as the crash happened. Hopefully Theo isn’t out too long; fortunately Arsenal are on the up-swing with injuries with Sagna and Wilshere rapidly approaching a return.

Let’s talk soon CG fans. Will do my best to get some updates going, though my out-of-order laptop means I’ll have to struggle with the frustrating combination of tablet and keyboard to do so. The things I do for you all.

And lastly: CanMNT v Honduras on Tuesday (16:00 EST, if I recall), so wear red and watch it. A win or draw puts us into the last(!) round of qualifying for WC2014; the furthest we’ve been since losing in that final round in ’98. Youngster Lucas Cavallini has been called up, so maybe we’ll get to see the exciting youngster who’s filling in for the suspended Occean.

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