RIP Gary Speed

Hi all,

I have been a little absent in my Arsenal coverage and for that I apologize. Thankfully Ars’ has been fantastic in keeping up with our news, and has been doing some great punditry coverage via the Premier Punditry podcast (

While I have plenty of thoughts on Arsenal, today I have to take this time to express my personal condolences at the loss of the Welsh national manager Gary Speed.

For those who don’t know, I am a “quarter” Welsh and a major supporter of the Welsh FA and their football team. Gary has been doing a fantastic job since taking over, and looked to have us in line for unprecedented success led by the tandem of Aaron Ramsey and Gareth Bale. The loss of Gary is a huge blow for the team, for Wales, and for the football world in general.

Gary Speed had 677 professional games under his belt and another 85 caps for Wales. At the age of 42 his death represents a significant waste of life.

His death has initially been reported as suicide as a result of depression. It is a reminder that depression is a serious issue that can affect even the footballers who we often assume have the greatest lives, unhindered by the burdens many of us often face. Today we must remember that footballers are people too, and can be beset by their own personal demons as anyone else can.

R.I.P. Gary Speed. We will miss you. Gary leaves behind his wife Louise and their two children, Tommy and Ed.


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