Arsenal Roll Over Malay XI

A comfortable 4-0 win today marked the first game of Arsenal’s pre-season tour over in Malaysia today. Goals included a Ramsey penalty, a Walcott lob over the keeper, a cheeky chip by Vela, and a tap-in header by Rosicky in injury time. Nothing unexpected of a Premier League team despite playing some of Malaysia’s best players.

As we enter preseason, there is still a lot of drama and some cause for alarm. Gael Clichy’s experience has not been directly replaced, the Nasri and Fabregas sagas continue, and we have yet to sign a centreback (despite probably needing two). While there is still a healthy window of about six weeks remaining, one would have hoped to have had more of a final team assembled before heading off to start working together as said team. As well, we continue to carry deadwood in the forms of Almunia, Bendtner, and most regrettably Denilson, who’s disgusting (and hypocritical) comments earlier this summer should have had him sent packing. The first two of these are supposedly in transfer talks, but Denilson appears to be sticking around considering his invite to the Asian tour. That being said, he was reported to be visibly upset by #arseblog on Twitter (follow them!) as he was pulled off after 20 minutes.

In other transfer-related news, Ricardo Alvarez has signed for Inter after being speculated as close to a move with Arsenal. He seemed like a player that might have made an impact, so let’s hope he flops now that he’s not with Arsenal :P However, Arsenal have confirmed the signing of Gervinho, and @RealGervinho is now being followed and Tweeted on by RVP, so that’s about as official as it gets these days!

If we can sign Cahill and Baines now, I’d be happy. Maybe sell Fabregas and end all this nonsense coming from the Barcelona camp, give Nasri the contract he wants (as much as it pains me to see players act like mercenaries) and tell him to fill the creative midfield role that Cesc does now. I just want to get on with the football at this point and would like to know who I’m going to be gunning for – pun intended – in Arsenal colors for 2011-2012.

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