A Big Canada Day Update

Firstly, Happy Canada Day to our readers! Hope you’re all enjoying the long weekend – nothing quite like a stat holiday on a Friday.

For those of you who sat, or are sitting, behind a desk today – like myself – we’ve put together a hearty update to keep you content while you wave your maple leaves (and no, we’re not talking about the failing hockey team).

As the country turns 144 today, we reflect on the fact that Arsenal are entering their 125th year as a team. This is a tremendous milestone, and while Nike’s “Anniversary Range” is a pretty severe test of faith, all the marketing and money-grabbing should not take away from a team that has built its reputation over a century on class and a close-knit connection with the fans. And even if that’s waning in the modern big-money game, it’s our history that will never be bought-out by rich Arabs and Russians, sullied by FIFA’s and UEFA’s, or be forgotten due to a few dryspells without a trophy.

In order to respect our storied team, the first item on the CanadianGunners summer itinerary will be to further develop our “Beginners Guide to Arsenal”. We intend to have this section to be a great starting point for any Arsenal fan to learn about some of the people, places, and events that are dearest to the Gunners faithful. While this won’t be as extensive as the history sections of Arsenal.com or other sites, it will be a great resource to encourage new fans to check out what made “The Arsenal” what it is today. We’ve been asking many Arsenal fans old and young to see who and what should make this list, and we look forward to unveiling our selections as the section develops.

The second item on our to-do list this summer is to continue to bring you the latest transfer discussion, as it will obviously be a key part in shaping the team that will be competing in an incredibly difficult Premier League and (hopefully) Champions League next season. At present, we look set to be losing (cashing in?) on Gael Clichy to Manchester Blue, while their rivals Manchester Red attempt to out bid them for Samir Nasri’s services, and the usual Cesc drama continues with Barcelona and Madrid both being touted as suitors for his hand (err, signature). Additionally, it looks like Gervinho will be official soon, and there is continued speculation about Alvarez, Cahill, and Samba. We’ll take a closer look at these transactions and what their implications may be later on.

As usual, we will also endeavor to briefly cover Canadian football going-ons. ArsMagica and I are terribly disappointed about the women falling short over in Germany, as I’m sure many CanNT supporters are, and we hope to see a speedy recovery of morale as the country licks its wounds after this follows a dismal Gold Cup. On the plus side, my local FC Edmonton beat his Impact for the first time in club history last weekend, so we can all celebrate that, right? ;)

So, keep posted for more from the CG team as we continue to bring you football insights and otherwise from the Great White North. Enjoy the weekend Canadians!

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