Arsenal 1-0 Manchester United : One Nil to the Arsenal

Outnumbered by obnoxious Man Utd fans at Champs Bar, I was mentally prepared for the worst.  However, a bold Arsenal club (with Aaron Ramsey replacing Cesc) fought hard for 90+ minutes and came out with a well-deserved win at the Emirates.  It’s the loudest I’ve heard the home crowd since the Barca match in February.

RVP10 connected with Ramsey for an elegant finish at the 56-minute mark, and Szczesny made a couple of key saves but was mostly idle as Man U parked the bus.  An energized Arshavin started the second half in place of Nasri, and made at least three clean tackles.  He even tracked back all the way to our own goal line.  Unfortunately, Djourou was injured and had to leave the game at the 69th minute, replaced by Squillaci.

The Man U fans in the bar cheered when Eboue came on for Walcott, but this time around we didn’t choke on defense, and the referee blew the whistle at a reasonable hour.  I left the bar as fast as I could, so I wouldn’t have to listen to their whining.  Can’t blame the referees, as there were off-setting missed penalty calls: a hand ball in the box by Man U, and a tackle by Arsenal in the box.

Watching the game unfold, I kept asking myself, “Why can’t they play like this all the time?  They should be crushing teams in the bottom half of the league.”  The skill is there, and when the club shows up to play they can beat clubs such as Man utd, Chelsea, and Barca.  We dropped points to clubs like Wigan, Newcastle, Sunderland, and West Brom.  That’s 4 out of a possible 12, which is just about what we needed to clinch the title.  Arsene will have the summer to think about it.

We have three matches remaining in the season (Stoke, Aston Villa, Fulham), hopefully we can clinch third spot.  Come on you Gunners!


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2 Responses to Arsenal 1-0 Manchester United : One Nil to the Arsenal

  1. Borges Spinelli says:

    Not good enough. A yo-yo season, the likes I’ve never known before.

  2. ArseMagica says:

    You’re absolutely right. Too few bright moments this season. We need to recruit Phil Jackson from the NBA (as #2 to Arsene).

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