New contributor: ArseMagica

My first post!  I’m thrilled to be joining the CanadianGunners team, and I look forward to discussing/debating all things Arsenal with you.  Come on you Gunners!

Who am I?  I’ve been following Arsenal FC since 2002, when a co-worker introduced me to them.  France was my favourite team in the World Cup, and since three players came from Arsenal (Vieira, Henry, Wiltord) it was the obvious choice.  After watching one game on TV, I was captivated by their attacking style.  Even though they haven’t won any trophies since 2005 (as the media are fond of reminding us every week), I love watching them play beautiful football.  I live in Montreal, where hockey is a religion and all other sports are a distant runner-up.  So I like to go to the local sports bar (Champs) and celebrate/commiserate with my fellow Gooners.

Why did I join CanadianGunners?  I saw the link to CG from A Cultured Left Foot blog and I thought to myself, “What a great idea: a Canadian perspective on the club.”  Although autonomous since 1982, Canada has always been closely linked with Britain.  We like British movies, TV shows, sports, and some of their food.  However, the great distance between us has enabled Canadians to (slowly) carve out our own identity.  While we share the passion for Arsenal with the rest of the world, we don’t necessarily see things the same way.  So I joined CG so that I could share my opinions/theories with you and at the same time promote Arsenal FC to my fellow Canadians, who are rooting for some Canadian hockey team that won’t win the Stanley Cup.  But that’s for another blog.

What will I blog about?  Well, I follow a lot of blogs about Arsenal, so I’ll try not to regurgitate what others have written.  Instead, I would like to present another angle, go against the grain.  Full disclosure: I’m firmly in the Wenger camp.  In my eyes, he can do no wrong.  As posted recently on Arsenal’s official website, the Boss said, “There are teams who invest ten times more than us, one player cost more than the whole team and they’re behind us.”  That sums it up for me.  Arsène’s strategy is focused on the long-term, not buying expensive players in an inflated market.

I’m not here to give a weekly monologue.  I welcome and encourage your feedback and thoughts about Arsenal FC, both positive and negative, so that we can continue our conversation.  Feel free to post your comments here, or send me an email to: arsemagica (AT) gmail (DOT) com.  As long as it’s constructive feedback, I’ll respond.

See you next week.


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One Response to New contributor: ArseMagica

  1. Barriecuda says:

    Nice to have you aboard, AM!

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