RVP and Koscielny “Injured”

Robin van Persie and Laurent Koscielny will miss the crucial Premier League game with Stoke on Wednesday night… The Dutch striker has a hamstring problem while the French defender is suffering from a back complaint. However both injuries are short-term and the pair may recover in time for the Carling Cup Final on Sunday. – Arsenal.com

Are RVP and Koscielny that injured? I do not believe so. I believe Arsene Wenger is saving these two key players. There has been nothing earlier to indicate that they were injured previously, and I don’t believe they both happened to get hurt in training – which I’m sure is pretty light right now, considering Arsenal’s busy schedule.

If it is AW wrapping up some key players, that’s smart management. We have Barcelona, the CC final, and (hopefully) an FA Cup game vs United coming up, not to mention many influential Prem clashes. We absolutely have to protect our assets, as much as it sucks to not play them every game.  Although Wenger is deservedly criticized for some managerial decisions he makes (such as the incredibly risky refusal to strengthen several positions), this one strikes me as astute.

It is possible they truly are injured however, which would be unfortunate although typical for the Gunners.

As for the upcoming Stoke fixture: It’s time for Bendtner and/or Chamakh to put up or shut up. Particularly in the case of the former, if he wants first team appearances, he can put in a good 90 minutes against a near-Championship side. He’ll have plenty enough support from the midfield, so there will be no excuse. I am sick of seeing little offense without RVP in the line-up, then listening to Bendtner talk about how he deserves to be playing more; but, I’m more than willing to be convinced otherwise.

Post based on this thread from the OnlineGooner forums.

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