Rooney to Anfield? We Speculate.

So, Rooney wants out of Manchester United, stating their future plans are lacking in ambition. Wayne switch from last year’s “I love Man U, I want a contract for life” to “Get me outta here!” is a sensational development in the 2010-11 EPL season, and is on the mind’s of football pundits around the world. Personally I am a little disgusted about the player’s lack of character but I won’t get into that here.

The major media have suggested four potential teams who can afford his contract, which is expired in 18 months. Considering his transfer status and his recent lack of form, Manchester United will be looking to sell for as much as they can get as soon as possible – most anticipate a fee around 20-25m pounds. The potential suitors include Chelsea, Manchester City, Real Madrid and Barcelona. Mourinho and Guardiola have already stated an interest; Ancelotti and Mancini are remaining quiet.

But I feel that one very real potential suitor is being overlooked. Here’s who, and why.

Liverpool: Just purchased by New England Stock Ventures, the new owners will no doubt be hurting financially as they contend with the previous owners massive debt. But, could the Boston Red Sox owners make a dramatic move for the Merseyside-born Rooney? I believe they may.

Firstly, Torres is looking likely to return to Barcelona, as Spanish buddies continue to congregate in the Catalan lineup. David Villa and Gerard Pique have already been in the media espousing their love for Torres in attempts to bring him back to Spain, and the Liverpool faithful have grown frustrated with his troubled injury record and lack of goal scoring touch away from Anfield. Such a player, tied in a long-term contract to Liverpool, could make a significant sum for LFC that could be used towards a direct replacement – Rooney.

Secondly, it is an understatement to say that the previous American owners of Liverpool have angered the Reds’ fans to the point of disgust. A move for Rooney would endear the new Yank owners to the Kop in a big way;  improving their relationship immediately with their new investment. Considering that, the 20-25m price tag suddenly may be worth the risk that he will return to form. And for Rooney, a new fan base eager to support him may be exactly what he needs to get out of his slump.

Thirdly, Liverpool has always been one of the Premier League’s most famous teams, and as such they are one of the most “English” institutions in football. To have an attacking trio of Gerrard, Rooney, and Joe Cole would be the dream of many English national team fans across the country. This could be seen as a big step forward for England as well, giving Rooney and Gerrard a chance to develop some chemistry to improve the under-performing Three Lions. If the two (or three) could bond, this time together (both Liverpool and while on international duty) may result in a significant chemistry that could be deadly.

With the team in the regulation zone, Liverpool needs a major shake up… and Wayne Rooney might be the headline-grabbing acquisition that could do just that.

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