Sunderland Draw, Tottenham Win, WBA to Come

A brief update today, just to let you know we’re still here!

The Sunderland draw was bitterly disappointing and frustrating; Arsenal should have killed the game off, but to lose on such a late goal after 90 minutes of poor officiating was hard to stomach.

Our Carling Cup derby on the other hand was a joy to watch. Although a little close for comfort at times, Arsenal showed their class when called upon to go beyond 90 minutes. Ol’ ‘Arry tried to cause a stir with his suggestions that Nasri “dove”, but 4-1 is not a scoreline that is made different by one misplaced call. Having said that, it was a legitimate foul in the box from what I saw. Cheers to the Gunners fans who made the trip to a hostile Lane, and really put them in their place over the course of the game. “Shall we make a DVD” – classic!

In other news, Arsenal play West Brom tomorrow in what should be a smooth fixture… ‘should’ being the keyword there. WBA’s manager Roberto Di Matteo is promising a physical game for Arsenal; that’s fair, but let’s hope physical means competitive and not dirty. Look for the return of TV5 after a short spell with injury problems, though to be honest, Squillaci and Koscielny have done a good job in his place.

If you know any Canadian-based Gunners fans that are interesting in contributing to the site, whether short-term or long-term, give me a shout.

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