Wenger – Going Easy at Anfield?

A post I made at the forum of Online Gooner.

“A theoretical consideration:

Wenger might be planning a lighthearted effort in Sunday. Considering the venue, Liverpool’s hunger to improve on last year, the eagerness to impress of signings Joe Cole and Roy Hodgson, it’s a very difficult game at hand. Arsenal certainly can win it, but it will take a very strong effort. Now, we have Cesc who’s fitness is questionable, RVP still quite fragile, no keeper locked in place, and new boys to the squad (Kos for sure, possibly JW19 and Frimpong) who will be inexperienced for the occasion.

I think from a long term perspective, Wenger doesn’t seem the game as crucial. To go for the win, it would require pushing the limits of players like Cesc and RVP (if he were to play them) and doing such could potentially cost them weeks or months on the sidelines if they get hurt.

What I think AW will do is put out a decent squad, and be realistically aiming for a draw, while focusing on getting some of his players settled into the squad.

The following fixture will be a very easy romp over Blackpool. This takes us to the 29th of August. This is why I think he is in no rush to make signings before the closing of the window on the 30th; there is no need for new players until September.

Now, I’m sure some would cry foul if they read this approach. “You should go for broke every game! Have some pride!” etc. AW is a smart manager and he knows as well as anyone its a 38 game season. Dropping a few points on week 1 is not the worst thing in the world.

Do I believe that’s what he’s doing? Possibly. I might also be giving him too much (or too little) credit. But I think it makes sense, on the face of it. So even if we get thumped at Anfield, I’m not too concerned.”

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