Arsenal’s Potential CB Recruits

A quick comparison of the three most commonly linked centreback transfer targets.

Per Mertesacker
Nationality: German (69 caps)
Age: 25
Height: 66
Current Club: Werder Bremen (113 appearances)

Following a strong World Cup, the giant Mertesacker has been linked with Arsenal as a solution to their weak set-piece defending and attacking. Adding Mertesacker to the mix on offensive corner kicks would give Wenger a second capable target alongside the newly acquired Chamakh, while defensively his height would certainly be useful in countering some of the world’s deadliest strikers. Some feel his Bundesliga experience would not be adequate compared to the EPL’s demands, and that his speed may hold back the team’s pace; these complaints would have to be measured when considering his suitability for the team.

Phil Jagielka
Nationality: English (3 caps)
Age: 27
Height: 511
Current Club: Everton (80 appearances)

Jagielka’s performances for Everton have earned him a solid reputation amongst managers in the English Premier League, and Wenger appears to be interested in giving him the chance to step up to a “top-4” side. His work rate and ability to challenge for the ball is very strong, although his height is lacking for an EPL defender, and one may worry that him and Vermaelen (both 511“) would make for a difficult job against some of the league’s taller strikres (Sp*rs’ Crouch anyone?). His experience in the Premier League, as well as in the FA Cup and Europa League, would also be an asset as would his lack of international responsibility (considering how often Gunners get injured with their countries)… but Capello could see a future for him with the Three Lions. Probably the most expensive potential buy of the three.

Serdar Tasci
Nationality: German (13 caps)
Age: 23
Height: 61
Current Club: Stuttgart (101 appearances)

The young German has played with Stuttgart since his youth, but now may hear bigger clubs calling for him as his play continues to impress; earning him a spot on Germany’s World Cup 2010 squad. His youth makes him a strong fit for the young Arsenal team, and would provide another player with plenty of potential to grow along with the rest of the similarly aged players. His current contract has him with Stuttgart until 2014, so it would take a concerted effort to pry him from the club that has given him so much.

Who would you like of the three?

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