Federico Marchetti?

Should Arsenal spring for the 27-year-old Italian international?

While certainly talented, and arguably a ‘future prospect’ considering that many Italian players seem to have late development, his recent record is not that great. Playing keeper for the sloppy Azzurri this past World Cup, he did let in 4 goals on 6 shots in his last two matches. Personally, from what I saw, I liked his positioning and ability. But, is this a big enough improvement from Almunia to justify not only spending the cash, but also the shake-up caused by a team adapting to their new No. 1? After all, the pace of the Serie A is certainly a lot lower than the power and size that feature in the EPL.

Other than keeping with the same keepers, which I think many fans would be outraged over, Arsene has essentially two purchase options. A highly experienced, short-term buy (ie Mark Schwarzer) to allow some of our younger eventual replacements to improve, or a big buy of someone that will be sticking around a while who is well equipped for the Premiership (ie Joe Hart, Maarten Stekelenburg). Thoughts?

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